Truf Soaring School

For many people, soaring seems a remote and beautiful dream, a single pair of wings etched against a distant sky, a cliff or cloud. Beautiful, yes, but remote? It doesn't have to be. We at Turf Soaring School offer a convenient location, a growing fleet, and a friendly, professional staff to server you.

Our site, located just north of Phoenix combines easy access with nearby desert fields and mountains for superb thermal soaring. Dust devils spin across the surrounding countryside from March to October, and our ships are here, waiting to catch them for you.

The Fleet includes Schweizer 2-33 trainers, a Schweizer 1-26 and three fiberglass aerobatic sailplanes. Our powerful Pawnee's are on hand for towing.

Our Service is tailored to your needs, whether for a single -- unforgettable sightseeing ride, soaring lessons, aerobatic sailplane lessons or for an introduction to quiet flight after years spent behind a prop.


To solo: Minimum age 14. The Average student requires about 20 to 30 lessons to solo. Lessons usually last about 20 to 30 minutes each, but may be longer in student, instructor -- and soaring conditions -- agree.

Private Glider Pilot's License: Minimum age 16. To obtain your license (which permits you to take passengers), you must

1. Take lessons to solo;

2. Have 7 hours of solo flight time in including 20 solo glider flights launched by aero tow (or 35 ground launches);

3. Pass an FAA written examination

4. Get a recommendation ride from your instructor

5. Pass an oral and flight test with an FAA Designee ("check flight").

Add-on rating for powered pilots: For those who are licensed as private power pilots, a private glider rating may be added by:

1. Taking the number of lessons necessary to solo. If flying currently, this averages between six and ten lessons.

2. Make 10 solo glider flights

3. A recommendation ride with a CFI

4. A check ride.

No written examination is required.

Ground School: The FAA requires all applicants for written examinations to have either ground school or "approved home study". To satisfy this requirement and to assist our students in gaining a firm foundation of the sport, we offer a complete line of books and personalized instruction on the field. Check with Turf Soaring personnel for more information.

8700 West Carefree Highway
Peoria, Arizona 85383
(602) 439-3621

Summer Schedule
May 1st through September 30th
Open Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon 9 AM to 5 PM
Winter Schedule
October 1st through April 30th
Open 7 days 9 AM to 5 PM